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To support or complement the actions planed in the pilot sites, the INTEGRE project is supporting 3 activities at a country level, aiming at:

1. Strengthen the capacities and encourage experiences exxhanges between management "World Heritage" commitees.

2. Build a climate-change adaptation strategy

3. Develop a a pilot organic farm network in Houaïlou

This initiative is driven by the CEN (wilderness conservation agency) to support all three pilot sites. Three activities have been planned:



Cost in   euros

Cost in   XPF

Training   for management committee members, field facilitators and provincial   technicians working in marine protection  

3   customised courses / year (2015-2016)

€ 10,000/year  

Identified   co-funding: TeMeUm, CEN

20 950

2 500 000

2nd   management committee forum (2015) 

Planned   in 2015 – total estimated budget XPF 8 million

Contribution   of 40 % of budget, i.e. approximately XPF 3.2 million


3 000 000

Experience   sharing between management committees (2015 and 2016)

Budget   of € 4000/year over 2 years

€ 8 380

1 000 000


54 470

6 500 000


The details of this activity have yet to be defined. The aim is to develop a climate-change adaptation strategy in New Caledonia and enable the country to access regional networks on this issue.

This activity is part of an INTEGRE regional initiative aimed at developing organic farming in the Pacific. The objective is to develop sustainable economic activities that are mindful of the Pacific islands’ fragile environments and:

  • promote and develop organic farming in three French-speaking Pacific OCTs;
  •  improve organic farming techniques;
  • and strengthen the regional POET-com network and French-speaking OCT participation.

Three pilot organic farms will be set up, one in New Caledonia at Do-Neva senior secondary school, another in Wallis and Futuna (location as yet undetermined) and a third in French Polynesia at Opunohu agricultural senior secondary school, where experimental farming, training and experience sharing will be conducted.

The results will be maximised at the Pacific level and brought up in regular regional discussions. The following is envisaged for New Caledonia:



Cost in   euros

Cost in   XPF

Carry   out agricultural trials in 3 areas: fertility, diseases/pests and genetic   material

A preliminary study at the   Do-Neva school certified organic farm and Houailou organic farm network will   help define a specific protocol.

Co-funding for technical equipment   and a second ¼-time technician at Do-Neva school and the Biocaledonia   Association plus technical consultants

€ 146 650

17 500 000

Sharing   and training

For farmers, students and   businesses; one session per year

€ 20 886

2 500 000


€ 167 536

20 000 000

Pacific territories’ initiative for regional management of the environment

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