The project in Wallis-&-Futuna


The ecological heritage of the islands of Wallis and Futuna remains fragile. The implementation of an integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) ensures sustainable development by seeking to limit the impact of anthropogenic pressures (erosion, destructive fishing practices, removal of sand). Like many Pacific Islands, Wallis and Futuna are facing the effects of climate change and rising sea levels, an ICZM plan to help cope ensuring sound development of the richness of their marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

The aim, common to both pilot sites that are Wallis and Futuna, thus :

  • contributing to the sustainable management and enhance the environment of the area in the interest of the people by improving waste management, preserving water resources in strengthening environmental monitoring of the lagoon, restoring some environment area in Futuna and protecting Alofi island.

Action plans have been built in a collegial manner, combining the services of the State and Territory, the Territorial Assembly, chiefdoms and associations of environmental protection. The project aims to involve the whole of civil society and make everyone an actor in the implementation of these plans.

Highly anticipated by Wallis and Futuna actors, the project INTEGRE allow the establishment or strengthening of approaches to Integrated Management of Coastal Zones. The experience of Wallis and Futuna will be valued with other countries and territories in the Pacific, thereby promoting regional integration and cooperation between OCTs and ACP countries across the Pacific while strengthening collaboration Wallis and Futuna / SPC.


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