Waste management


Poor waste management is a major threat to sustainable development in Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) as it has negative impacts on the region’s environment, as well as on public health, water resource quality, fisheries, agriculture, tourism and quality of life in general. This activity shall contribute to helping countries adopt cost-effective and self-sustaining waste management systems to protect public health and the environment while at the same time encouraging economic growth.

For geographical reasons which include relative isolation, limited availability of land space or multiplicity of vulnerable zones, the range of possible options for the sound management of waste is limited in most Pacific islands. Threshold issues arise in this part of the world, and solutions cannot be sought for independently. The need to build common actions is not only driven by the search for economies (of investment, of time or of research): finding solutions together is the only way to be able to face the threshold effects resulting from isolation and reduced size (e.g. necessity to a certain amount of collected recyclable material to be able to effectively recycle it).

Many regional initiatives exist to face those questions. Pacific island communities through the SPREP Annual Meeting have consistently identified improved management of solid waste including hazardous wastes such as asbestos, Ewaste, used oil, and healthcare wastes as well as minimization of marine pollution as a priority for the region since 2010. SPREP is leader in this domain, and is currently implementing various projects. Most of them are implemented in ACP countries.

This activity of the INTEGRE project aims at helping OCTs to take a more active part in the process and hence:

    • Benefit from the regional works conducted (assessment and recommendations, national and regional strategies, training, economy of scale);
    • Share their experience at a regional level.

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Pacific territories’ initiative for regional management of the environment

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