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"INTEGRE", Pacific Territories Initiative for Regional Management of the Environment, is a sustainable development project designed for and implemented by the four European Pacific overseas countries and territories (OCTs). 




Funded by the 10th European Development Fund (EDF), implemented by the Pacific Community (SPC) and steered by French Polynesia, INTEGRE aims at promoting the implementation of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) in its beneficiary OCTs and in the Pacific region generally. 

Over more than 4 years, the countries and territories have built it according to their priorities, and have designed an adapted governance to run it. SPC, through its coordination team, assists the actors in their action plans participatory definition at the pilot sites', countries and territories', and regional scales.


The fact that productive, wealthy coastal areas are densely populated has led to heavily developed human activity there in many parts of the world, sometimes with scant controls, which has made such areas vulnerable. In the Pacific, the phenomenon is heightened, as the region is made up of island states.

Damage to the environment has an effect on:

  • economic development, e.g. degradation of areas with high tourism potential;
  • public health (different types of pollution);
  • biodiversity, e.g. destruction of spawning grounds, coral reefs, invasive species;
  • the lifestyle of island communities, which may encounter difficulties in finding enough food for their own subsistence, e.g. destruction of natural barriers in coastal zones, diminishing lagoon resources,
  • sites-related cultural practices.

Integrated coastal zone management has provided a proven response to such damage to coastal areas over the last 20 years. It has already been implemented in current programmes in the Pacific and has led to the development of long-term solutions that are appropriate to local issues by directly involving local communities.

INTEGRE has three major objectives and four specific objectives, and twelve major outcomes are anticipated.


Specific objectives  and anticipated outcomes 

SO1: Develop cooperation networks between Pacific OCTs and ACP countries in the area of sustainable development

  • O1: A regional ICM framework has been proposed
  • O2: OCTs integrated into regional exchange and discussion networks on sustainable- development
  • O3: Exchanges with sister sites in the region

SO2: Set up an effective communications and information policy for INTEGRE and for ICM targeting local communities, institutions and regional partners

  • O4: INTEGRE has visibility
  • O5: Impacts of ICM projects outcomes at the pilot sites are maximised (links with Outcome 3 in SO1)

SO3: Strengthen good governance in terms of environmental management and managers’ capacities

  • O6: Participatory governance platforms are operational at the pilot site level
  • O7: Collaboration has improved between departments (in the same government body or between bodies at different sites)
  • O8: Managers’ capacities have been strengthened
  • O9: The integrated planning process is operational

SO4: Support improvements to environmental management at the pilot sites for the benefit of local communities

  • O10: The main threats have been identified and concrete actions are underway to address them in an integrated manner
  • O11: The environment has been developed through land improvements or the introduction of sustainable economic activities
  • O12: Communities are aware of sustainable environmental management and are involved in it

To reach its objectives, the project will:

  • carry out integrated management projects at nine pilot sites in thye OCTs (3 in New Caledonia, 2 in Wallis and Futuna, 3 in French Polynesia, 1 in Pitcairn);
  • organize or promote regional exchanges (workshops, bilateral exchanges...);
  • promote the further use of project outcomes and sharing those results throughout the Pacific.

Pacific territories’ initiative for regional management of the environment

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