Regional Actions

Gathering actors involved in the definition and/or implementation of integrated management plans, with the support from experts with a practical experience in the field, aimed at:

  • sharing experiences
  • bringing a concrete support to each one, in his peculiar context
  • building a network of facilitators, managers and experts who can complete each other
  • contributing to Pacific-scale guidelines.

In small groups, participants could present and discuss situations and propose recommendations on 4 main themes:

  • definition of the strategy, launch of the planning process 
  • the participatory approach: why? how to imply the astakeholders?
  • governance: how to organize the elaboration, the implementation, the monitoring, how to llocated responsibilities...?
  • implementation: to forecast from the beginning of the process...

The four groups sucessively worked on each theme, each one complemeting the former's work. Then, in the presence of representatives from the European Union, a restitution lead to further discussions.

So, a network is rising, which gathers implied and enthusistic facilitators, helped by a team of experts. They will work together towards a

Ainsi se constitue un réseau d'animateurs impliqués et enthousiastes qui, avec le soutien de l'équipe d'experts, posera les bases d'une organisation à long terme pour une gestion durable des sites, par et pour les populations.


  • program
  • participants & experts' list
  • documents: critical review and recommenations, draft guidelines
  • soon: outcomes ofthe workshop

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