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The action plan in New Caledonia presents the sustainable development projects that were conducted with local stakeholders in New Caledonia.

It focuses on three pilot sites, i.e. the Great Southern Lagoon, Ouvea & Beautemps-Beaupre atolls and the north-eastern coastal area.




New Caledonia’s marine and coastal areas bustle with human activities and are one of its most pow- erful potential economic levers. They are also host to a natural heritage that is recognised worldwide as outstanding. But this heritage, shaped over 35 million years of geographical isolation, is now seriously jeopardised by human activities. Natural environment destruction, introduced invasive species and increased resource use have heavily eroded local biodiversity. As a result, managing and preserving these coveted but fragile environments is a vital sustainable-development challenge for New Caledonia.

Integrated coastal management is a development approach recommended by international and European agreements and is about sustainably using coastal areas by striking a balance between social and economic development and natural and cultural heritage conservation for the good of present and future generations.

In New Caledonia, INTEGRE is strengthening the participatory integrated management initiatives set up by the provinces in the UNESCO World-Herit- age-listed New Caledonia Lagoon serial property. It focuses on three pilot sites, i.e. the Great Southern Lagoon, Ouvea & Beautemps-Beaupre atolls and the north-eastern coastal area.

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The various activities carried out with local stakeholders are aimed at :

  • strengthening participatory management ;
  • helping reduce impacts ;
  • rationalising environmental policy ;
  • showcasing the natural heritage ; and
  • drawing on lessons learnt and disseminating the knowledge acquired during the project.

Other activities are being carried out in the territory in specific areas, namely organic farming, climate change, and capacity building for UNESCO property managers.




In New Caledonia, the provinces are the competent authorities in matters regarding the environment and are tasked with maintaining the UNESCO World-Heritage-listed New Caledonia Lagoon serial properties’ environmental integrity and ensuring that they are sustainably managed. They, therefore, requested that INTEGRE strengthen the integrated participatory management of the sites involved.

Specific objectives

INTEGRE was explained to the provinces in 2014 and its action plan approved by the various local partners. INTEGRE New Caledonia has two components :

Local component

Three INTEGRE pilot sites :

• Great Southern Lagoon, Southern Province
• Ouvea and Beautemps-Beaupre Atolls, Loyalty Islands Province
• Northeast coastal area (ZCNE), Northern Province

On pilot sites, INTEGRE is working towards the following objectives :

• Maintain the integrity of UNESCO World-Heritage-listed sites
• Give fresh impetus to the participatory management process and involve local stakeholders more effectively
• Help sustainably manage the sites and control human-in-duced threats

Territorial and cross-sector component

In New Caledonia, INTEGRE aims to :

• Improve networking and build capacity for all involved in managing UNESCO World-Heritage listed sites
• Start work on a climate-change adaptation strategy and contribute ideas for addressing this major concern in New Caledonia’s coastal areas
• Strengthen organic farming to help develop more environmentally-friendly agriculture with lower inputs



INTEGRE provides support to existing bodies and resources, such as World-Heritage management committees, government environment departments, environmental and cultural associations, social and economic stakeholders and scientific experts. A geographical three-tier (region, territory and pilot site) governance approach has been taken in New Cale- donia. The three provinces are responsible for environmental matters and, as such, are vital project partners.



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