INTEGRE is a participatory project for implementing new governance forms and developing an activity programme designed and monitored by a large number of partners.

In Pitcairn, INTEGRE aims to :

  • Improve waste management
  • Limit erosion
  • Better manage fisheries resources
  • Control invasive species
  • Promote commercial development


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The INTEGRE action plan for Pitcairn was developed in close collaboration with the local community. During a trip to Pitcairn from 5 to 8 June 2014, two INTEGRE coordinators met with the Council, the Division Manager of Natural Resources, the President of the Pitcairn Island Producers Cooperative (PIPCO) and other members of the local community. They were able to visit the Tedside Alternate Harbour site, gauge erosion issues (particularly at St Paul's) and note the existence of invasive species. They provided explanations about INTEGRE and the participatory ICM approach.

Within the framework of the INTEGRRE project, the main partners were :

  • The Governor of Pitcairn, a post held by the British High Commissioner to New Zealand, based in Wellington, and in particular the Deputy Governor, based in Auckland: he is in particular the authority responsible for the management of European funds.
  • The Commissioner's Office, located in Auckland, which performs financial, operational and logistical functions on behalf of the Pitcairn Government.
  • The Natural Resources Division, which, within the Pitcairn Council, is responsible in particular for conservation and biosafety. She was directly responsible for the implementation of the project in Pitcairn.

Committees and procedures were developed for implementing the project as shown below :



PIPCO: the Pitcairn cooperative;
Tourism coordination;
The Pitcairn government.

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