Pitcairn Islands

Hiro, Steven (Teva) and Vaihere (Kiki) have landed in Pitcairn on 2 June, after their trip aboard Claymore II, and quickly began to work. They have been welcome by Pitcairn’s community and they will stay in Jacqui’s house for three months (to know more about Pitcairn’s accommodation facilities: http://www.visitpitcairn.pn/visitpitcairn/accommodation/index.html).

They work full day on the INTEGRE project’s activity “prevent soil erosion”:

-          Renovation of the local nursery

-          Installation of erosion control matting mats

-          Plant ground covering plants.

Saint Pauls and Arlihau, where they work, are both very windy areas so if will be a real test for the future: how well will the plant survive?

Pitcairn has a very small population and this brings capacity challenges in a number of areas: Hiro, Teva and Kiki’s work gives a serious hand for the implementation of the project!

Pitcairn’s community said how they were pleased to have them, as can be seen in the latest Miscellany articles (http://www.miscellany.pn/).

Thank you very much, Hiro, Teva and Kiki!

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