Resilience and climate change adaptation


Adaptation to climate change and greater resilience to natural disasters

Pacific OCTs are experiencing the impacts of climate change along with their island neighbours in the region. Mitigation and risk reduction actions have already been undertaken and encouraged in many different programmes. However, in the OCTS, no operational climate change adaptation plan has been implemented, partly due to the lack of adequate data to characterize climate change related risks at an appropriate scale. As much the cause as the result of this situation, the OCTs are little involved in regional climate change dynamics.

This activity is designed to:

- improve OCT involvement in regional dynamics on climate change adaptation by giving them the means to play a proactive role, share their knowledge and skills and benefit from innovations and experience in the region;

- support implementation of appropriate, relevant and evolving strategies at the OCT level, through feedback in the field (at the pilot sites) and lessons learnt from regional examples, better understanding of the effects of climate change at the local level, community awareness activities, etc.;

- enhance the resilience of ecosystems to the impacts of climate change or natural disasters in the broad sense — through the implementation of ICM at the pilot sites and by introducing such topics into discussions at the local level and including them in the integrated management plans being drafted.

The expectations expressed by each OCT on this topic varied widely, in relation to the different levels of progress they have made and the priorities of their respective timetables. The exchanges planned at the regional level will make it possible to take advantage of the wide diversity of actions carried out by opening up ideas of other possibilities.

Pacific territories’ initiative for regional management of the environment

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