The project in Pitcairn


Pitcairn INTEGRE action plan has been developed accordingly to the "INTEGRE action-plan design guide", with community involvement as far as possible at this stage, and the establishment of committees and procedures for the project's implementation.

The first priorities have been defined by the Natural Resources Division (focal technical department for INTEGRE) on the basis of the site's main stakes. During a duty travel visit to Pitcairn (5 – 8 June 2014), the INTEGRE coordinators met with Council, the Natural Resources Division Manager, the PIPCO chair and many others in the community. They were also able to visit the alternative harbour site at Tedside, where work is due to begin as soon as possible (funded by 9th territorial EDF); view erosion problems around the island (particularly at St Paul's) and note the presence of invasive plant species. This visit did, above all, allow them to better explain INTEGRE's objectives and the participatory ICZM method. Strong interest was shown by some members of the community, who are willing to submit activity proposals.

This first action plan can be dowloaded soon.

So the decision was taken to set aside part of the budget allotted to the Pitcairn pilot site to allow for new proposals from the population between July and November2014. Proposals focusing on sustainable tourisme and waste management have been submitted. The community agreed on them during a Public meeting held on 11 November 2014.


The revised action plan will be available after the Regional Steering Committee aproval.

The implementation of the two prgrammed activities is starting with:

  • on waste management: in 2015 a global diagnosis and a proposal for an integrated Pitcairn waste management strategy and plan will be proposed. A survey will be conducted by Pitcairn Islands administration, with the community, and a consultancy will aim at proposing a plan to the Pitcairn island Council. After its adoption, INTEGRE will help its implementation in 2016.
  • en erosion: equipment will be bought before the end of 2014, and labour will occur in 2015, with a help from French Polynesian workers.

Some new activities have been proposed by the community. After discussion during a public meeting, they will be proposed to the Pitcairn Islands Council for integration into the action plan, and then the regional steering committee approval will be necessary. This page will then be updated.



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