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At Wallis and Futuna, the INTEGRE project aim to preserve an maintain the quality of life and of the environment.

In transversely across, the project is therefore available in large specific objectives are :

1. Improve waste management;

2. Develop an integrated coastal zone management plan ;

3. Raise awareness (information and communication campaign on the identified priority issues) ;

4. Territory Declination of regional initiatives such as the establishment of network of pilot farms organic, regional waste management and adaptation to climate change.

The ecological heritage of the islands of Wallis and Futuna remains fragile. The implementation of an integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) ensures sustainable development by seeking to limit the impact of anthropogenic pressures (erosion, destructive fishing practices, removal of sand). Like many Pacific Islands, Wallis and Futuna are facing the effects of climate change and rising sea levels, an ICZM plan to help cope ensuring sound development of the richness of their marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

The aim, common to both pilot sites that are Wallis and Futuna, thus contributing to the sustainable management and enhance the environment of the area in the interest of the people by improving waste management, preserving water resources in strengthening environmental monitoring of the lagoon, restoring some environment area in Futuna and protecting Alofi island.

The plan was developed based on the INTEGRE site-based action-plan development guide with the involvement of the community and the establishment of local committees and an interdepartmental committee in accordance with project implementation procedures.

Wallis and Futuna cross-sectoral action items :

  • Improve waste management (oil and battery collection and disposal on Wallis and Futuna, process oil and battery stockpiles, provide bins for waste sorting in Wallis and Futuna villages);
  • Develop an integrated coastal zone management plan (ICZM plan) on Wallis and Futuna: initiate an ICZM plan development process; ICZM preparatory and implementation phases;
  • Awareness (information and communication campaign).
  • BIO – Organic pilot Farm Network : Action Research ; Technical support ; Technical exchange and training.

The plan was submitted to CTEDD (Territorial Environment and Sustainable Development Council) on 20 June 2014 and endorsed and the Prefect of Wallis and Futuna approved it. Although most of the activities were approved, some still require fine-tuning and will be amended based on the various recommendations made. They will then be resubmitted at the next Territorial Environment and Sustainable Development Council.

Memoranda of Understanding MoU (SPC / OCT's territorial authorising officers), Conventions Implementation (SPC / managers operators) and agreements (SPC / technical operators) were then prepared by the coordination team and offered to partners. Thus, the MoU was signed between the SPC and the Prefect of Wallis and Futuna September 10, 2014 and Conventions implementation and agreements was signed with partners.

Other activities will be brought by the SPC such as the development of an integrated coastal zone management plan and awareness campaigns and communications that will be conducted in the Territory.



Pacific territories’ initiative for regional management of the environment

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